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Ms Bianca Currie, a lecturer in Natural Resource Management at the Nelson Mandela University George Campus speaks about the ‘School of Natural Resource Management (SNRM) teaching and learning long-term monitoring and evaluation project’, which is managed by her  in collaboration with the SNRM programme co-coordinators.


The project is a long-term monitoring and evaluation initiative aimed at improving the department’s programme offerings by soliciting and listening to student experiences extensively and revisiting the curricula and teaching and learning plans thereafter. Through this, they hope to develop a continual method of assessment to monitor and evaluate the SNRM student experience and well-being in an adaptive management approach to programme management within the school.  The findings from the research will be used to inform strategic planning in the respective programmes on an annual and long-term basis.  The evaluation outcomes will then inform programme specific operations and identify emergent and long-term trends which the school can respond to.

The project seeks to find out how the SNRM can continually optimise their teaching and learning environment and what the teaching and learning experiences of students in the SNRM are.

The project aims to determine trends in student learning experiences in the classrooms, as a result of student-lecturer relationships, from assessment, both practical experience as well as the structured formative and summative assessments in the classrooms.

The school hopes to provide an improved and informed student learning experience as a result of considering feedback from students.