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Welcome to Learning and Teaching


A warm welcome to Teaching and Learning at Nelson Mandela University.

Together with Research and Engagement, this is the Heartland of the Academic Project. All of these academic missions are interrelated in the main purpose of your coming to university, namely, to continue LEARNING.

As you journey through these pages and spaces, we hope it will provide you with a sense of what we do here at Mandela University to enliven teaching and learning, to make it critically relevant and meaningful.

We hope you will get as excited, and curious, as we are about what is possible in a learning environment: about how we all explore and create and make use of knowledge, about what a humanising pedagogy is, and about what a transformative curriculum looks and feels like.

Join us as we explore approaches to teaching and learning, and about how we live our vision and mission through learning and teaching. 

Enjoy visiting often, and we look forward to your feedback!


Prof. Cheryl Foxcroft

Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching (DVC: LT)

Contact information
Mrs. Yolande Ferreira
Personal Assistant
Tel: 27 41 504 3215