Change the world

Our Learning and Teaching vision aspires to what is captured in Strategic Focus Area #1 of Mandela Uni’s Vision 2030 Framework. 


To liberate human potential through innovative and human-centred lifelong learning experiences that prepare graduates to be socially conscious, responsible global citizens who serve the public good.


To give effect to our Vision, we draw on and amplify the institution’s mission statement as follows:


  • To provide a diverse range of life changing learning experiencesfor a better world, and;
  • To liberate their potential and prepare graduates for life and work in the 21st-century.


These experiences are provided in a supportive, technology-rich environment and should be -

humanising, student-centric, innovative, African-purposed, and sustainable - to foster the development of autonomous, selfdirected, socially responsible, and lifelong learners.



Yours in Learning and Teaching

Dr Muki Moeng
Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching (DVC: LT)

Contact information
Mrs. Yolande Ferreira
Personal Assistant
Tel: 27 41 504 3215