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Humanising Pedagogy

Nelson Mandela University has adopted a Humanising Pedagogy (HP) as the philosophical underpinning for curriculum transformation.

This is largely based on the liberatory education philosophy and work of Paulo Freire. What it means to be human, honouring and respecting everyone’s humanity and unique background, developing consciousness and agency in relation to issues of social justice/injustice, and teaching to enable development of people's (inclusive of students and staff) full human potential, are placed at the centre of the pedagogical encounter.

A humanising pedagogy has to develop the kind of teaching and learning interface that enables agency, a sense of coming not only to know, but to own the knowledge and be empowered by it.

Humanising Pedagogies is one of the institutional research themes of Nelson Mandela University. Many staff and students are currently researching within this area.

Many T&L activities at MandelaU are also underpinned and informed by an HP. You may access our T&L Innovation section to read and learn more about these approaches and activities.

The T&L portfolio has also established the Humanising Pedagogy Praxis and Research Niche (HPPRN) as a special project and hub to coordinate, facilitate and develop the scholarly work around the HP. The HPPRN is headed by Mr M. Raban, who also serves as a driver of the university's Humanising Pedagogy activities and research initiatives.

The HPPRN launched an HP Portal which contains various readings, media and resources relating to the HP. University staff and students may engage with the Humanising Pedagogy on the HP Portal*.

Watch the HP Portal and Poster Launch here:

Access the HP Portal* here:

*The HP Portal can be accessed by Mandela University staff, students and associates using university network credentials. Should you wish to obtain guest access, then kindly email:

Contact information
Mr Mukhtar Raban
Lecturer, Humanising Pedagogy Project Coordinator
Tel: 27 41 504 3249