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Decolonisation & Africanisation

In realizing the vision 2020 goal of the university as a "dynamic African" and comprehensive institution which responds to local, national and global needs; the Teaching and Learning (T&L) portfolio continues to focus on transformation within the academy, and in particular on the nature and content of teaching and learning that constitutes the core ‘set of activities’ in this project.

These activities include curriculum renewal, pedagogy, assessment, and the creation of a learning environment that is conducive to teaching and learning that supports and enables student success “for life and work”.

The approach in T&L has been to engage in interdisciplinary curriculum conversations, which provide guidance and inspiration for decolonisation and Africanisation of the curriculum.

Furthermore, the decolonial project is being interrogated by all faculties, in order to develop a unique approach which could enlarge and diversify the knowledge sources of the various disciplines, in order to offer a multifaceted curriculum which is grounded in local/global contexts and represents a diversity of philosophical and ideological orientations/worldviews.