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The Eco-Car Project led by Mr Clive Hands of the Mechanical Engineering Department in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBEIT) is a student-driven project aimed at designing, manufacturing, and testing an ultra-light vehicle.


The vehicle competes in international Shell Eco-Marathon events with a goal to travel as far as possible on a single litre of standard petrol.

The Eco-Car is a spin-off from the original Solar Car Project and explores the urgent need for vehicles that are fuel-saving, efficient and light-weight as a significant focus area in the international engineering community.

Dr Hands shared that the project has already achieved many of its objectives, “Eco-Lab has spawned multiple associated projects in developing technological fields like Augmented Reality, Cloud Data Analytics, Telemetry & Communications, Analysis & Simulation as well as Advanced Materials”.


The Eco-Car app can be explored here:

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