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Lecturer in Computing Sciences, Dr Brenda Scholtz manages a teaching and learning project entitled: ‘Blended Learning Environment for Enterprise Systems Education at Nelson Mandela University’ that aims to provide a digital, blended learning environment for students who are studying modules in the field of Enterprise Systems.


Dr Scholtz shares that the project was inspired by the need to provide students with additional support to their modules, particularly with regards to learning complex software. She added that, “an additional impetus has been the constraints in resources felt by the department and the university as a whole due to budget cuts related to student assistants, tutors, staffing and office and lab space.”

The project seeks to increase Simulation Based Learning through the approach of adopting a learning methodology of experiential and learner-centred learning in Enterprise Systems courses by using e-learning, blended learning and simulators. The project will improve and increase students access to learning materials off campus, student engagement by using new technology and different forms of media such as videos and simulators and it will simulate the user interface of complex enterprise systems.

An additional goal of the project is to provide students with access to learning material without the need for the internet or costly software, and to reduce the time needed to be in a computer lab on campus by shifting to mobile-based learning.