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The Office of the DVC: Teaching and Learning hosted a retreat and workshop in June and September 2017 focussing on the renewal of a curriculum framework for the university.

The Teaching and Learning (T&L) retreat and workshop held in 2017 form part of the journey towards the development of a Curriculum Renewal and Development Framework for Nelson Mandela University. 

The experimental project sought to develop a set of curriculum principles over the 2017 period which could guide the work of recurriculation. The project adopted a transformative approach underpinned by principles of collaboration, co-creation, multiple ways of knowing and interdisciplinary engagement with staff and students at different levels of the institution. Through the collaboration of a range of stakeholders located across the institution, including undergraduate students, postgraduate students, early career academics, senior academics, Deans and faculty management, and academic support staff the expertise and experiences of the T&LK community could be harnessed through a facilitated process under the DVC: T&L.

The retreat and workshop sought to identify the emerging critical considerations and elements of a framework for curriculum renewal, development and change in the current context to guide and cohere the intuitions collective Teaching and Learning innovations/processes at MandelaU.

The framework would need to be responsive to current imperatives of local, regional, global context,  transformation, issues of decoloniality, citizenship and sustainable futures, developing adaptive expertise, working with Humanising Pedagogies and supporting the realisation of V2020. Overall the curriculum principles are to assist T & L communities at MandelaU to work with and renew curricula in practical and realisable ways.

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