Change the world


Ms Koshala Terblanche, a systems engineer from the Blended Learning team, sheds light on their role of supporting teaching and learning at Nelson Mandela University.

ICT Blended Learning is a division of ICT that is responsible for establishing, developing and supporting ICT-related educational technology solutions (systems, processes and tools) to enhance learning at the university.

Blended learning influences and enhances teaching and learning through seeking to create a digital learning environment where lecturers and students collaborate using technology - a space where students learn skills and attributes to enable them to empower the future workforce.

Ms Terblanche shares that technology can be used to provide solutions/assistance to some of the major barriers/challenges that the higher education landscape is currently facing, such as  student retention, student outcomes, employability and success. 

Blended learning therefore has the opportunity to design learning experiences for students that can contribute to student success and access to education, thus enhancing the student learning experience at Nelson Mandela University.