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The Humanising Pedagogy Praxis and Research Niche (HPPRN) project of the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, Prof Denise Zinn, launched the Humanising Pedagogy Portal and poster.

The HPPRN, headed by Mr Mukhtar Raban, was established by the Office of the DVC: T&L, Prof Denise Zinn, to coordinate and document Humanising Pedagogy (HP) activities and research initiatives at Nelson Mandela University.

The HPPRN established a portal that hosts literature, resources, networking opportunities and features, videos and feedback and discussion forums that provide an overview of and connection to HP activity at Mandela. The HPPRN also developed a poster that contains key concepts and themes extracted from HP literature, designed to spark continued reflection and thought around HP research. The Humanising Pedagogy is one of the institution’s official research themes and also forms part of the teaching and learning philosophy, approach and policy of the university.

The HP Portal and poster were launched at an event hosted by the DVC: T&L at the South Campus Sports Conference Centre on 23 August 2018. The event was attended by senior management, Deans, researchers, academics, PASS staff, as well as students of the university.

All staff and students of the university have access to the HP Portal via the university’s Moodle site. Limited copies of the HP poster were printed and awarded to attendees at the launch. The HP poster will also be displayed in various buildings and teaching and learning spaces. An electronic copy of the poster can be downloaded from the HP Portal.

The HPPRN will be hosting a meeting for interested researchers to form part of the HP Research Hub of the university. Interested parties may sign-up for the HP Research Hub on the HP Portal.

Members of the university community can access the portal by visiting: HP Portal. The HPPRN may also be contacted via email:

Watch the HP Portal and Poster Launch here:

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