Change the world


The Teaching Development and Innovation Fund (TDIF) provides funding to academics who wish to pursue innovative projects with an aim of enhancing and contributing to learning and teaching success at Mandela Uni.

As a recipient of the TDIF, Prof Brenda Scholtz has initiated and managed the development of a mobile app that allows students to download learning content to their mobile phones and with subsequent offline access available. As Head of the Department of Computing Science, Prof Scholtz is passionate about providing students with the best chance of success in their academic journeys. Part of that success is allowing students the opportunity to develop real world skills that would prepare them for both their academic and professional careers. The development of the application was therefore done in conjunction a small group of students with feedback from lecturers and experts. This provided the students with an opportunity to enhance their management and communication skills and apply theoretical knowledge. She hopes ultimately to aid students in a way that makes their learning experiences more practical and enjoyable.