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Dr Rohit Mehta

Abstract: In designing online spaces for teaching and learning that foster diverse creative human expression, it is crucial to carefully create opportunities for students to be, know, and do in socially and culturally inclusive ways. This can be established through inclusion of multiple epistemologies and methodologies to confirm ontological diversity. A challenge to inclusive and creative pedagogy are neoliberal influences in education that continue to suppress diversification through standardized and idealized curricula and instruction. To resist market forces that prefer students to be trained as new labor for the extant and future markets, I offer design and instructional changes to resist dehumanization and promote creativity and play in the classroom.

Webinar: 3 December 2020, 17:00 SAST         

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Dr. Rohit Mehta is an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Kremen School of Education and Human Development at California State University, Fresno. He participates in transdisciplinary educational scholarship with an intention of designing humanizing and inclusive learning experiences for students and teachers. Dr. Mehta teaches educational psychology courses from critical and humanizing perspectives. He writes on the intersections of education and colonization, oppression, creativity, and technology. His collaborations with colleagues from across the world have been published in academic journals like Thinking Skills and Creativity, Tech Trends, Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE), Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education (JDLTE), and Journal of Media Literacy Education (JMLE).
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Professor María del Carmen Salazar

This webinar will explore the need for humanisation in education, present a framework for a humanising pedagogy, and describe humanising pedagogical practices in K-12 and higher education.

Webinar: 26 November 2020, 16:00 SAST          

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Dr. María del Carmen Salazar is Professor of Teaching and Learning Sciences in the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver. Dr. Salazar has authored 35 publications and given 125 scholarly national and international presentations on a humanizing pedagogy, equitable teaching and teacher evaluation, and college access and success for Latinx youth. She is the author of Teacher Evaluation as Culture: A Framework for Equitable and Excellent Teaching. This book is published by Routledge Press with series editor Professor Emerita Sonia Nieto. She is the lead author on a briefing to the U.S. Congress related to the state of the Latinx community in the U.S. In 2018, she was the recipient of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Innovations in Research on Equity and Social Justice in Teacher Education Award. Dr. Salazar’s service includes local, national, and international contributions. She served on the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC), a national collaborative to revise model content standards and develop learning progressions for teacher licensure, assessment, and development. She was a key contributor in the development of the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and Learning Progressions. She served on the Board of Directors of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), and she is currently a member of the CAEP Equity and Diversity Committee. She is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Teacher Education, a top journal in the field of education. She is proud of her accomplishments as a first-generation college student and Mexican immigrant.
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Professor Aslam Fataar

Blog entry in lieu of my presentation at Nelson Mandela University’s Humanising Pedagogy Praxis and Research Niche project based in the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Learning and Teaching, in collaboration with the university’s LT Collab.

Webinar: 24 November 2020, 11:00 SAST           

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Prof Aslam Fataar is based at Stellenbosch University's Department of Education Policy Studies and is a Research Chair in the university's transformation office. His email address is:
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